Quiet minds, profound learning.


As a teacher with over 15 years of experience, I am thrilled and excited to offer this resource to teachers, parents and students.  It is my intention to make students realize how fun and easy math can be…actually be excited to go to math class!  I encourage parents, grandparents, relatives or any adult who takes interest in a child’s world to be involved and share the joy of learning…really making it a JOY!


More than anything I love to learn, ask questions, and make connections. As a teacher for the past twenty years I practiced how to explain complex ideas in fun and simple ways by drawing correlations between the classroom and the community. Farnaz will tell you that my creativity and generosity make me her perfect partner in bringing forth the brilliance in everyone we meet. It makes me proud to design a program that will take an elephant like algebra and break it down into digestible chunks.


  • Easy to Understand Flashcards
  • Podcasts to go with every card
  • Years of experience and specialization in the subject


We are grateful when anyone buys the AlgebraCARDS system.
But when they come back to share how the system makes a difference in their teaching and in their students’ learning, we are touched and inspired to be a part of it. We know how hard teachers, parents, and students work.
Thank you for the feedback, encouragement, and testimony.

“Very Simple to use. Fool proof. That’s in a nutshell.”

” I am so excited to start using the cards regularly! Thank you for developing this great tool that covers guided instruction, formative assessment, and collaborative learning strategies all in one!

“The algebra cards were so detailed that (a student who was very far behind) was able to catch on to the material. Had it not been for the detailed note cards he may not have passed the class as he was not motivated to come in before school and get help from the teacher. ”